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2018 American IFT Food Technology Exhibition

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The American IFT Food & Technology Exhibition is the largest and most famous international food raw material, food additive and science and technology exhibition in the Americas, which reflects the latest situation of the transformation of global scientific and technological achievements into products in the food industry, reflecting the direction and dynamics of the development of the food industry, representing the world. The development trend of food science and technology industry.

2018.07.16-07.18,The IFT food technology exhibition ended successfully at the Chicago Convention and Exhibition Center.


Anhui Chinaherb Flavors&Fragrances Co., Ltd. took this exhibition to show the world our company's refrigerants, natural vegetable oils and other products. During the exhibition, we have consolidated the existing cooperative relations and discovered a large number of potential customers, which has brought new opportunities for our future developmen.

In this exhibition, Anhui Chinaherb Flavors&Fragrances Co., Ltdcool agent series of cool agent - 3, cool agent - 23, ginger oil, oil, and other products, attracting the exhibitors' strong interest and extensive attention.

In the 3 day exhibition, Anhui Chinaherb Flavors&Fragrances Co., Ltd booth attracted numerous exhibitors. Our sales staff also always communicate with the exhibitors with full enthusiasm and patience. The features and advantages of the products are displayed thoroughly under the wonderful speeches of the sales staff. The customers on the meeting are on the company and the products. After a certain understanding, they all showed strong cooperation intentions.

After the exhibition, the company visited the company in Chicago, New York, New Jersey and other places to negotiate the company's cooperation, and achieved great gains. During its visit to New York, the company visited the headquarters of KOSHER certification agency and had a pleasant exchange with its responsible person.


In this exhibition, Anhui Chinaherb Flavors&Fragrances Co., Ltd in the world to display the brand image to the world, but also understand the latest market in the fragrance and fragrance industry, opened up a vision, and laid the foundation for Anhui to develop the international market for Chinese herbs and spices.




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