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Electronic cigarette lit tobacco flavor industry

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  For tobacco flavor industry, the electronic cigarette just like a breath of fresh air. It is as functional drinks for the beverage industry, rapid development of electronic cigarettes also profit growth, consumer acceptance is also high. Electronic cigarettes are touted as containing tar cigarette healthy alternative, although some researchers have doubts on this. Electronic cigarettes use rechargeable or replaceable lithium battery-powered, the liquid can be atomized into liquid gas for smoking, which became the company's production of tobacco flavor a new opportunity for development. According to perfumer explained, the amount of electronic cigarette flavors to be much higher than traditional cigarettes. However, while many industry watchers are the prospects for electronic cigarettes to make a positive affirmation, but still faces some challenges, such as more stringent regulations may appear on their. If no objection is raised about the authority of the bodies of their existence, launched against their development policies, then the electronic cigarette in 10 years will replace the traditional cigarette has become a very popular cigarettes. The electronic cigarette contains a standard battery and a plastic "bullet cartridge" (containing cigarette holder, and a fluid reservoir and a sprayer, the liquid can be atomized into a gas). The first generation of electronic cigarettes are made in China, in 2000, China launched a pharmacist Hon Lik electronic cigarette this concept. Then there are different designs introduced the second generation and third-generation electronic cigarette. Disposable electronic cigarette, there can be repeated to add liquid smoke electronic cigarette alternative. A classic electronic cigarette liquid formulation containing nicotine, water, propylene glycol, glycerin and tobacco flavors, and sometimes other flavors. Electronic Cigarette giant - the United States blu Cigs year the company launched the "blu eCigs" electronic cigarettes, known as "the first time with a real cigarette with the same look, feel and flavor." It is the only 100% Native American flavor electronic cigarette production, such as Johnson Creek Original Smoke Juice, which is Johnson Creek company formulated specifically for tobacco flavor. Johnson Creek Original Smoke Juice contains USP grade (hereinafter referred to as USP) propylene glycol, USP grade vegetable glycerin, USP grade nicotine, natural flavor, synthetic perfume and USP grade citric acid. Unlike traditional tobacco flavor, many electronic cigarette manufacturers choose vanilla, cherry, menthol, Java coffee, iced fruit juice rum and peach schnapps to do for aromatic raw materials, which contain a certain level of nicotine. Compared with the traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes healthier, cheaper, and can be smoked anywhere.
  French Man's tobacco sector as early as seven years ago began to develop electronic cigarette business, now with about 30 to 40 major electronic cigarette distributor or manufacturer cooperated. They said that at the time of a conventional cigarette smoking is carried out after taking a real ignition and the electronic cigarette only solution is heated, so consumers can simply breathe some of the volatiles. Since the heating temperature is not so high traditional cigarettes, and therefore produce flavor characteristics are completely different. They are much wider range of options in the fragrant flavor of raw materials than traditional cigarettes. With the increase in restrictions on tobacco consumption in developed countries, the number of smokers continues to decline, particularly in Western Europe. Therefore, non-tobacco cigarette big development period has arrived, 2050, the global non-tobacco cigarettes (electronic cigarettes) will account for the entire market value of the tobacco market - including the 4 per cent of cigarettes and other tobacco products.
  In the United States, according to statistics there are 2.5 million users of electronic cigarettes, traditional tobacco smokers, compared with 42 million. Currently, annual sales of e-cigarettes for $ 300 million (retail), predicted in a few years, this figure will reach $ 1 billion. In the past two to three years, consumer demand for electronic cigarettes rapid rise, especially in North America and Europe.

  Current regulations for electronic cigarettes are still very vague, because of the lack of clinical data on their safety and health, whether long-term or short-term impact on the health of individuals or the public. But it is expected that the future will increase the corresponding regulations. So far, some countries, such as Australia and Brazil prohibit the sale or use of electronic cigarette products, many other countries also issued regulations and strictly control the electronic cigarette, and similar "imitation of cigarette products", such as toys, decorations and food. In Italy, Spain and Switzerland, consumers see electronic cigarettes as a smoking cessation product. The debate continues on the electronic cigarette legislation, with supporters of electronic cigarettes and some medical organizations supporting adults with electronic cigarettes as a low nicotine or non nicotine replacement. In September 2008, the World Health Organization issued a statement, there is no scientific evidence to show that the electronic cigarette is not conducive to health, but do not think that the electronic cigarette is a legal nicotine treatment alternatives. In April 25, 2011, the United States FDA according to the federal court ruling, will be the electronic cigarettes as tobacco products to manage, rather than drugs. Currently, the electronic cigarettes are still in the stage of no regulatory management, whether it is the United States FDA, or the European union. And its security research is still in the process of continuing. As with its most related to the raw material suppliers, the spice industry, of course, to provide the raw materials to maintain a higher degree of safety. We should actively develop the industry to keep up with the pace of development of electronic cigarettes, to seize this new profit growth hotspots.
  Sidebar: E-njoint Dutch company recently launched a new product to its suction famous electronic cigarette, joined the real taste and smell of marijuana. The smell of marijuana E-njoint perfectly legal for smokers around the world (smoking marijuana in their country of residence is illegal) brought slight excitement. When E-njoint BV launched the world's first electronic cigarette in 2014, the electronic cigarette is only natural fruit flavor. Over the past year, the company has been secretly with leading European and US Marijuana Research Laboratory jointly developed the unique experience of real marijuana. Through this study, the company has learned that cannabis aroma compounds (known as "terpenes") also helps bring excitement and add different because of different types of cannabis-specific. Recently launched this new formulation is expected to bring little change in smoking areas. E-njoint management said:. "The electronic cigarette will certainly awakens many puritanical government and authorities" Because E-njoint not contain THC (THC), cannabidiol (CBD), nicotine, tar, or toxins, so it is perfectly legal, but it will bring excitement to the smoker. E-njoint for bringing marijuana tastes terpenes have customized, users can bring different effects, such as muscle relaxation, mood lifting, refreshing and so on. All ingredients are natural, widely used in food and beverage industry. These ingredients are not toxic in the world is completely legal.
  Cannabis flavored E-njoint also enhance the effect of real marijuana, all while reducing the dose. Studies have shown that when terpenes and real marijuana use, marijuana effect will be greatly improved, thereby reducing the marijuana smokers to achieve the desired dose ease of use you want. For customers who do not smoke marijuana, E-njoint offer the same taste of marijuana can bring safe and legitimate alternative pathways happy hour.




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