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GB2760-2014 version today embodiment

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  The new food additives health standards GB2760-2014 today officially implemented.

  --- Increasing the former Ministry of Health Bulletin No. 16, 2010, 23, 2010 Announcement of 2012 1st Announcement 2012 Announcement 6, 2012 Announcement No.15, 2013 2nd announcement, the National Health and Family Planning Commission 2013 announcement No.2, 2013 announcement 2013 announcement No. 9, 2014 announcement No.3, 2014 announcement No. 5, No. 9, 2014 announcement 2014 announcement No. 11, 2014 announcement of 17 food additives regulations;
  --- The food nutrition fortifier candy and gum base ingredients list of substances and agents adjustments prescribed by other relevant standards;
  --- Revised 3.4 Carry-over Principle, an increase of 3.4.2;
  --- Revised Appendix A "use of food additives provisions":
  a) Remove the Table A.1 4-phenyl phenol, 2-phenylphenol sodium salt, unsaturated fatty acid monoglycerides, tea yellow pigment, tea green pigment, Lithocarpus brown, licorice, sodium aluminosilicate, fenugreek gum, yellow hollyhock gum, acidic sodium aluminum phosphate, octyl phenoxy polyethylene oxy, aluminum starch octenyl succinate, salary grass extract, B-naphthol, sec-butylamine food additives and their use provisions;
b) amend the Table A.1 potassium aluminum sulfate, aluminum sulfate, ammonium, and erythrosine aluminum lake, indigo and aluminum lakes, and bright blue aluminum lake, lemon yellow aluminum lake and sunset its yellow aluminum lake, and carmine aluminum lake, and the temptation to red aluminum lake, caramel color (plus ammonia), caramel (ammonium sulfite method), sorbitan monolaurate, sorbitol monopalmitate, sorbitan monostearate, sorbitan tristearate, sorbitan monooleate, stevioside, Carmines use provisions;
c) an increase of L (+) in Table A.1 - tartaric acid, dl- tartrate, neotame, β- carotene, β- cyclodextrin, diacetyl tartaric acid esters Mono, aspartame and other food use range and maximum usage of additives, food additives remove the above table A.2 use provisions;
d) Remove the Table A.1 food category is not part of the process of the need for the food additive provisions;
e) Table A.3 added "06.04.01 grains powder", delete the words "13.03 formulas for special medical purposes";
  --- Modify the provisions of Appendix B to use food with spices, flavors:
  a) Remove the star anise, oregano, licorice root, Chinese cinnamon, cloves, allspice, dill seed and other spices varieties;
  b) Table B.1 increase "16.02.01 tea, coffee";
   --- Modify the provisions of Appendix C food industry processing aids (hereinafter referred to as "processing aid"):
  a) Table C.1 added hydrogen peroxide;
  b) Table C.2 remove methanol, palladium, polyglycerol linoleate varieties and their use provisions;
  --- Deleted Appendix D candy gum base agent in the list of ingredients and substances;
  --- Modified food classification system in Appendix F:
  a) Appendix E is amended as food classification system;
  b) modifying the part of the food category Food name 01.0,02.0,04.0,08.0,09.0,11.0,12.0,13.0,14.0,16.0 words and so on, and have been adjusted in accordance with the adjusted food additive provisions for food category .
  --- Added Appendix F "in Appendix A food additive provisions of the index."





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