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Food flavor range of applications and reference dosage

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  1, suitable for oily flavor hard candy, cookies and other baked goods, etc., generally in an amount of about 0.2%. But with propylene glycol as a solvent oily flavor it can also be used soda, drinks, etc., generally in an amount of 0.05-0.1%.
  2, the water quality is suitable for flavor soft drinks, beverages, ice cream, other cold drinks, wine, etc., generally in an amount of 0.07-0.15%.
  3, emulsified flavor suitable for soft drinks, drinks, etc., generally in an amount of about 0.1%; clouding agent in an amount of 0.08-0.12%.
  4, syrup flavors suitable for soft drinks, beverage dispenser base material, can also be used directly for soft drinks, beverages, generally in an amount of 0.2-0.23% (full color), 0.05% (non-full-color, another complementary caramel 0.15-0.18 %).
  5, apply coconut powder biscuits, other meats, vegetables, poultry lamp suitable for powder biscuits, other light meat, vegetables, poultry light powder suitable for puffed food, convenience food and soup, the general amount of 0.3-1% .
  6, the amount of wine flavor is generally 0.04 to 0.1%, tea flavor, in an amount of about 1%. The amount of feed powder flavor is generally 0.5 ‰, feed flavors (for additives) (5% -10%).




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