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The company participated in 2015 in Anhui agricultural fair

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  September 12, 2015, Anhui agricultural industrialization Fair in Hefei Lakeside International Convention and Exhibition Center, the current agricultural fair "Ecology Brands · · · open innovation" as the theme, exhibitors, participating companies up to three thousand. Our general manager Li Li, Li Shuqing, deputy general manager Yang Denglin attended agricultural />   The agricultural fair, herbal spice company demonstrated "Billion in the grass" flavor spices series of products, "Kang Beika" (Cobeca) electronic cigarette oil products as well as "Bai fragrant grass" plant oil products.
  Just after the opening ceremony, delegates Hua Jianhui, vice governor, party secretary Zhou Chunyu and other leaders came to the grass perfume booth period, the company briefed the participants on the company "based on domestic and global look, continuous innovation, continuous improvement "business philosophy, as well as cooling agents, spearmint flavor spices series of products, rose oil, lavender oil and other essential oils imitation tobacco products and electronic cigarettes and fruit type oil efficacy of the product and market conditions. The effective promotion of the exhibitors and participants to understand the company's comprehensive strength and the concept of culture.
  After Hui-Hua Jian, vice governor pointed out, taken from the natural essential oil products in the market popularity of value-added products and higher technology content, products to increase marketing efforts, further improvements in the packaging grades. To local conditions to develop lavender, rose flower base, actively expand related agriculture and other industries, expand agricultural function, and promote mutual integration of the development industry.



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